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Holme Park Game Hatcheries,
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RG40 3AJ

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Tim Robbins who now runs the business works in partnership with his mother Ruth Robbins, who over the years have gained a well deserved reputation for the quality of their service to customers and the eggs, chicks and poults that they have produced for the last 50 plus years. Ruth has now been working within game bird production since 1948 and is arguably the most established and experienced producer in the country. Tim and Ruth believe that with welfare and disease concerns often foremost in the Government's, public's and customers' minds, makes it is good practice to buy from within the UK.

Today, Holme Park produces eggs, day old chicks, poults and ex-layers from a closed flock, based on a mixture of Chinese and Mongolian blood, a cross that has proved to be consistently successful. The Chinese being the catalyst behind today's high flying birds.

Tim is perfectly frank when discussing competition from overseas or more intensive suppliers. If people want to buy purely on price with few other considerations then we cannot compete. What we can and do offer is a consistently good customer service and a product that has quality and flying ability. At Holme Park Game Hatcheries we produce birds traditionally and cannot offer very early chicks as we do not artificially light the hens, but we like to think that our system encourages natural immunity and a hardy bird in top condition.

The Closed Flock

Holme Park now pens in the region of 8,500 hens annually, no 2nd year birds are kept and as the flock is 'closed', the stock has 100% provenance, a claim that cannot be made for 'caught up' hens. All laying birds are home produced and over the year their management is optimised.

Over wintering, laying and rearing are carried out in extensive tried and tested outdoor systems. Although these need hard work and increased costs the Robbins' think this suits the customer, public, and most importantly, the best interests of the birds.

Preventative medicines for all of the stock are kept to a minimum to encourage natural immunity. All day old chicks are sprayed with a probiotic at hatching at no extra cost to the customer. The chicks are graded upon packing and checked again prior to dispatch the following morning.